Good times at The Boardroom International Surfboard Show in Del Mar this last weekend. Met a lot of cool people, shook a lot hands (and in turn got a nasty cold that’s bedridden me for the last few days) and was surrounded by legendary shapers and their work. Inspiration at it’s finest. Every time this shows rolls around I feel like a kid in a candy shop. I participated in the Icons of Foam shape-off honoring Al Merrick with 10 other international shapers. Each shaper attempted to best replicate an early 90’s Kelly Slater flip tip thruster – hand shaped in 90 minuets. This was a difficult board to shape but I always look forward to tackling a challenging shape and was stoked with how my board turned out. Congrats to Rex Marechal who took the win. Super fired up that my new Six Shooter model won “Best of Show.” . A tribute to “contemporary” channel bottoms of yesteryear, this shape is a modern mix of an old Bing Copeland and Mike Croteau design. The Six Shooter has a six pack of air jets that reduces drag and propels down the line. Holes run through the deck past the step bottom, creating a vacuum that pushes air into the concave to decrease the wetted surface and increase overall speed. It’s a channel-bottom revival that has to be ridden to be understood! Specs: 6’8″ x 20″ x 2 3/4″

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